Monday, March 21, 2011

03.19.2011 Note to Mom (Posted by Rebecca, Trevor's mom)

Hi Mom!

Sorry that I didn't really have time to email you back last week. I did get those pictures though, but they took a while to load because of the slowish internet here at the library. It was fun to see them though, although I think I look kind of strange in that one picture, haha. I wish I could have been there to eat that pineapple, that sounds really good. And that's great that Stephen and Heather both did so well at piano festival.

Thanks again for that box that you sent me. It's always fun to get letters and packages, and those Thin Mints are really good. I've been saving the Mexican candy, but I think I might have one tonight. That was thoughtful of you to send all that stuff :) .

The busses are nice, but they're also a little time consuming. It does give us another chance to talk to people, but so far no one that we've had conversations with on the bus has been interested. Overall, I think a car is better because it allows us to spend more time knocking on doors and finding contacts rather than just sitting on a bus for hours every day going to and from appointments. Still, its working out very well and the bus system is nice to have. We're still able to get everything done that we need to.

I'm going to try to reply to a few other emails really fast so I should probably go. Bye Mom!  Love you, and thanks for everything you do for me.

Love, Elder Trevor Casper

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