Sunday, April 24, 2011

04.26.11 Harrison is Awesome (Posted by Trevor's Mom, Rebecca)

Hello Everyone,

How are things going for everyone? Things have calmed down a bit here, which is good. This last week has been great, things are really starting to pick up. It's cool to see the blessings that come from working hard and being obedient, even in the small things. The Harrison area is really doing well, I think. It's also been an interesting week: we've done service at a branch member's farm; it snowed a couple of inches and then warmed up to 60 degrees; and we were offered drugs by someone while we were out door knocking.  It's also been great getting to know the members; there are a lot of really good people here. Some of the members are so generous. One couple gave us each $40 in gift cards to McDonalds and Subway! I always love Subway and it's been fun getting to go a couple times this week.

We've been doing a lot of walking this week, as our miles have been cut back for this month. We only have about 20 or 30 left for the rest of the month! We're trying to make it stretch though, which means that we are walking to the areas that we work in, which are several miles away. It takes about an hour to walk there, so at least we're getting a little exercise and fresh air. It's also a good chance to talk, which is really nice. It's been kind of a tough week, but I've enjoyed all the work a lot. Being obedient and working hard doesn't mean that the work will get easier, but we're always happier when we do and we are blessed to find more people who are interested in listening to us.

Elder Poulsen and I are actually getting along really well and we're pretty good friends. He's a really cool guy, and we're planning on hanging out sometime after we both get home. He's been out here about eight months or so now, so he's six ahead of me. Its a lot of fun to talk with him though about everything. We also do random stupid things sometimes when we get home for the night or on P-days. Last Saturday we played a missionary-themed board game for an hour and a half, and also played a bit with a bottle of diet coke and mentos, which was actually really fun. But things are going great and we're working well together, which makes missionary work a lot better. We also teach well together too, and Elder Poulsen also wants to work hard, which helps a lot because I want to do the same. The only way to really be happy as a missionary is by working hard, that really is the key. I've definitely seen the connection between obedience and blessings more strongly since I've been out here than I ever have before. It's a great privilege to be out here serving the Lord.

We're teaching several people right now, and its a great blessing to be able to see them progress and gain a testimony for themselves about the truthfulness of the Gospel and the message of the Restoration. This truly is the Church of Jesus Christ, and people who are sincerely looking for the truth can recognize that. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, just like Moses, Elijah, and Noah. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and is what it claims to be. I can tell you that I know this because the Holy Ghost has confirmed that knowledge to me. I know that God loves his children and wants them to succeed, and that he will guide them to the truth.

I don't have much time left, so I need to go. But have a fun Easter everyone, whatever you end up doing! Keep the people that we teach in your prayers too, if you can. Oh, and by the way, my new address here is- 801 Westlawn #6, Harrison, MI, 48625. I'll be here until at least the 14th of May, but if you're ever not sure if something you sent will get here in time, you can always send it to the mission office and they'll forward it on (to make forwarding easier, it helps a lot if you can sent it through Priority Mail. If not, then it may take several weeks or a month to get to me). Thanks everyone!

Elder Trevor Casper

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