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08.13.2011 "Rain and Thunder in Allegan (posted by Rebecca)

Hello Everyone!

I hope that you're all having a great weekend. And I hear there is a wedding today! That's pretty exciting. I got an invitation about a week ago. Needless to say I didn't RSVP, I figured it would go without saying. It's still funny to think of the cousin I've known so long as married now, but I wish him and Michella great happiness and blessings. I will definitely have to visit when I get home and get to know her a little better as I've only seen her a few times.

It's been raining on and off all morning today, along with some pretty impressive thunderstorms during our companion study this morning. We could literally feel some of the thunder as it shook our apartment, and the lights flickered a few times as well. This week was transfer week, and Elder Ralphs is now back home in Spanish Fork, Utah, which is weird to think about. He will be missed by many here in Allegan. You actually get pretty close to your companions after spending 3 months with them 24/7. I'm going to have to keep in touch with him and I'll definitely have to visit when I get home in a year and a half.

Elder Griffiths is my new companion. He's from Preston, Idaho. He's a little more quiet, but he's a really great guy and pretty funny sometimes. It'll be a good transfer working with him here in Allegan :) .

This week has been a little crazy with transfers. Members invited us over for lunch and dinner Sunday and Monday before Elder Ralphs went home, and we also stopped by many of our investigators to say goodbye. When Elder Griffiths and I got back from the drop-off/pick-up location at the stake center in Kalamazoo, we did just the opposite and spent a good part of the next day visiting people and saying hi. Many of our investigators have had a lot going on lately and it's been difficult to meet with them, but this has given us more time this week to go door knocking and find new people to teach. A number of people have invited us to come back sometime next week, and this should help this area to continue to grow. I know that there is going to be a lot happening here and I'm really excited for this next transfer.

I know that the Lord put Elder Griffiths and me together for a reason because I know that He guides this work and it is His. I look forward to the great things that I know can happen this transfer because I know that He has promised great things that will happen in this area, and that He will "prosper us" according to our faith and diligence in doing that which we have been commanded to do, just as He did for the peoples in the Book of Mormon. I have faith that as we continue to look forward and have faith in the Lord that He will be able to bring about these miracles that He has planned for here. He has told us that there are many people here who have been prepared to recieve the gospel, and this has been verified over the last two transfers. Though I don't always know how the Lord will bring his promises to pass, I have faith as Nephi did that the Lord will prepare a way for us to do those things that He has commanded us to do. I will continue to go forward and do those things, even if, as Nephi, "I [am] led by the Spirit, not knowing beforehand the things which I should do."

I love you all and I hope you have a great weekend. Say hi to Jason and Michella for me!


Elder Trevor Casper

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