Friday, April 6, 2012

04.03.2012 "A Busy Week in Harrison"

Hi Everyone,

Sorry about the late email this week. It is Spring Break here and the computers were really busy yesterday, so we have just a couple minutes today to send a quick email to President Hess and a quick one home.

Things are going well here. Last week was a crazy week, partly because we traded off the car on Wednesday and don't get it back until next Wednesday. So of course, while the weather over the last few weeks was nice and record-breakingly warm, it rains and snows this week! It was still a good week though.

I'll talk about one quick thing before I go.

Yesterday for Preparation day was pretty fun. There was a family in our Branch, the Hamiltons, that took us down to a different part of our area to an area where a lot of Amish people live. We went and visited a couple stores and looked around. It was interesting to see everything. They had some things in the Amish stores that you don't usually find in other places. There was a lot of crafts, puzzles, Amish clothes, trapping and hunting gear, and tools and other construction supplies. It was interesting to see some of the Amish people too; I had driven past an occasional horse and black buggy on the road but had never seen many Amish at once. Something new that I found out was that they speak English very well, but they also speak a kind of Dutch-German mix among themselves sometimes. We had a good time looking at everything.

Also yesterday, we went over to the house of some members and also some people that we've been teaching. They raise rabbits, but were getting too many and wanted to butcher some. Elder Porter was good at that, and I got to learn a little bit about it and help out. I might even get a rabbit fur out of it, we'll see.

I am really grateful for General Conference. I had been looking forward to it for a long time. As I listened to what they said, my testimony of living prophets and apostles was strengthened, and I was taught by the Spirit. I know that the Apostles who spoke were called by God, and that President Monson is a the living prophet today. I am excited to share that with people! I had been praying with some questions and praying for guidance, and until the last session of conference on Sunday I didn't feel like I had really found the answer.  Then as I listened to some of those last few talks, I found, either in their words or what the Spirit taught me as a listened, some things that were just what I needed to hear. It was a great experience. I see time after time how the Lord really does hear and answer our prayers, if we are really sincere and humble and listen for the answer. 

Have a great week everyone, and Happy Easter!

Elder Trevor Casper

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