Monday, September 19, 2011

09.17.2011 "[My] Last Week in Allegan" (posted by rebecca)

Dear Everyone,

I am very sorry about last week, how I wasn't able to sent out an email. I really hope in my next area that I will be able to have longer on the computers. Speaking of which... Transfer calls were yesterday!! It looks like I'm heading off to St. Johns, just about 20 minutes north of Lansing, this next Monday. My new companion will be Elder Sheppard, who is on his third transfer, I believe. I'll have to tell more about him later. This will be my sixth transfer here in Michigan, and in those six transfers I will now have served in one area in each zone/stake of the mission- 1) Grand Rapids, 2) Traverse City, 3) Midland, 4) Kalamazoo, and now 5) Lansing.

Also, P-days are now being switched to Mondays! So I will now be sending emails on Mondays from now on, just so everyone knows.

I'm really sorry, but I'm short on time again. Here is something that happened to me this week though that I included in my email to President Hess.

During one time this week as I was pondering over some things while praying before I went to bed, I recieved some guidance which helped illuminate my understanding of what I had been thinking about somewhat more. I realized that I had been seeking guidance on what to do, when the Lord had already revealed to me things that I can study and work on. I understood that I needed to focus more on developing those things instead of continuing to seek guidance on what to do. I remembered the story of Nephi building the boat, and how the Lord had shown him "from time to time" how to build the ship. This pattern of revelation needed to be the same for me. If I felt like I wasn't recieving answers or requested direction, it was because I had not yet acted on that which he had aready given me. As I act on those things, the Lord will also show me "from time to time" how to continue to progress forward. In this way He allows me to grow, and to "Do many things of [my] own free will, and bring to pass much righteousness" (D&C 58:27), and He will also guide and instruct me as necessary, so that I may "Have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in [the Lord]" (Moroni 7:33). I am truly grateful for this understanding.

I'll try to fill everyone in more on things this upcoming week. I love you all and I'll tell you more soon. Thanks for all your support and everything that you do for me!

Love, Elder Trevor Casper

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