Tuesday, March 20, 2012

03.19.2012 "Harrison"

Hello Everyone!

Phew, there is a lot to talk about. And so little time! I'll try to hit the highlights.

I love being back here! There are a lot a lot of good people here, and I like serving with Elder Porter. He's a good guy. He's from Queen Creek, AZ, and came out the transfer after me so we have about the same experience. He just hit his year mark last Friday.

We have two people here that are going to be baptized in the next month. Sister Winters has been taught since the last time I was here (Elder Poulsen and I were the ones who started teaching her a year ago). And now she is getting baptized on April 14th! We are really excited for her. I can see a difference in her since the last time I was here. As she's learned about the gospel, she's changed. Their family is pretty nice.

The other person who is going to be baptized is David Broniman. He will be baptized on April 7th. He has really been prepared by the Lord to accept the gospel. He's had a lot of experiences that have brought him to the point where he is at now, and he knows that the needs the restored gospel in his life. He loves the Plan of Salvation, and he loves coming to church.

I'll have to explain more about the people we're teaching later.

A few fun things that Elder Porter and I have done lately-

Elder Porter killed a squirrel, and he is currently working on the pelt and the treatment process involved in preserving it. He wants to get into taxidermy a little as a hobby. He's going to get me a squirrel pelt sometime, which I think is pretty cool. right now the pelt is spread out over a piece of cardboard in our living room with salt all over it to help it dry out.

We had a balloon left over from a relief society dinner last friday, and we tied a note to it on a pass along card and threw it up into the sky. We called it a "finding activity". It was way fun. I'll have to tell the whole story later.

Have a great week, everyone!


Elder Trevor Casper

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