Tuesday, March 13, 2012

03.12.2012 "Back in Harrison"

Hello Everyone,

So I'm back in Harrison. I was pretty surprised when I got transfer calls and found out I was coming back here. That doesn't happen too often where missionaries get sent back to an area they have served in before. We usually serve in 5-8 areas or so, and there are probably 40 or so areas in the mission. It's great to be back here again though. I really like it here.

Our address is:
801 Westlawn Apt. #6
Harrison, MI 48625

Well, I only have a few minutes so I'll try to explain all I can. I'm a little behind too because of a computer problem at the St. Johns Library last week and me not getting to send out this email to everyone. First of all, I'll talk about what happened in St. Johns before I left.

Remember that I mentioned that there was a baptism last Sunday in St. Johns? That didn't end up working out. He got into the water, and then panicked a little and had a problem being submerged. We had to postpone the baptism for a week. That should have taken place yesterday, I hope it went well. Brother Fifield is a good guy.

Before I left, one of our investigators bought a huge pizza and we all had some for lunch. He's a really interesting guy, and actually pretty cool when he's sober, we recently realized. It was sad leaving everyone there that I was teaching behind, but at least I know they're in good hands.

Out of time,but I'll finish the updates later. Have a good week everyone!


Elder Trevor Casper

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