Monday, July 2, 2012

06.25.2012 "My Third Transfer in Harrison is Flying By"

Hello Everyone,

This last week, things have been going pretty well here in Harrison. I've been having a good time, and we've been working hard here. I've definitely been blessed, and I've felt the guidance of the Spirit in this work. That's something that's been a great blessing to me since I've come out here. Before my mission, I didn't really understand how to recognize and understand the promptings of the Spirit. The Lord has blessed me immensely by helping me learn more on my mission about how to do that. If we're not listening for them, they can be difficult to recognize. We also have to be keeping the commandments so that we can be in tune with the Spirit. It works quite a bit like tuning a radio to avoid the static and get the right signal, actually. I see time and time again how the Lord really does care about us and is always ready to help us. Sometimes we go through difficult experiences, and that's part of this life and we need to be patient. But I know, because I've experienced it myself, that when we really humble ourselves, when we are become submissive to Heavenly Father and are really willing to put aside what we think or think we want, and we listen to know what it is that Heavenly Father want's us to do, he blesses us with that guidance. He wants us to come back to live with him again, and He's going to help us however we can to get back there. How comforting is that? I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a million ways and I am so grateful to have a knowledge of it. I know that it is true.

We helped out Brother Hileman a little more this last week with his cattle. Here's a quick picture of his big bull, one that we worked with a couple weeks ago. He weighs somewhere around 2300 or 2500 lbs. We don't want to mess with him! At least he has no horns. We loaded him onto a trailer with a few other cows.

We got a lot of rain this last week, but luckily we had the car. Because we had it, we were also able to make it out to Gladwin this week, which is about 20 miles from Harrison, and visit some of the people there. We were able to teach a good number of people this last week, and we also are going to be seeing a couple referrals this next week that seem really promising and interested in learning about what we have to teach.

I made a key lime pie this week for the first time in a while. I think we're planning on eating a couple pieces, and then we're going to give a few to some of the other people we teach. We're thinking of giving a few of the pieces to other people we teach, and leaving a note on the plate and the plate on the porch and doorbell ditching their houses. The only problem is, the days are long and it's still bright outside at 9:30 when we need to be home. The people we're thinking of have big front yards too. So it'll be interesting to see how it works out.

I found a couple scriptures this morning I liked. It was 2 Nephi 26:12-13. I've been thinking about that the last few days. I love how Jesus Christ doesn't want to leave us in the dark, and how He has promised that He will reveal Himself unto us by the Holy Ghost, and won't just leave us guessing at the truth. I love being able to promise the people that we teach that they really can know that God is there, that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and that the things that we teach them are true. They can really know it. They can know it through the Holy Ghost.

I'm out of time but I love you all! Have a great week everyone.

Elder Trevor Casper

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