Saturday, May 21, 2011

05.21.2011 First Week in... Allegan (posted By Trevor's Mom)

Hey There Everyone,

Well, my time is short this week, so I'll have to be quick. I'm in Allegan now, which is my 4th area in 3 transfers, which is pretty crazy. It's an area right down by Holland. It's about 20 or 30 miles southeast, I think, and is right between Holland and a bigger city called Kalamazoo. Things are going pretty well here so far. My new companion's name is Elder Ralphs. He's an older missionary, and is getting ready to go home. He only has 3 months left (two transfers), so this is probably his last area. That also means that there is a decent chance that I'll serve with him for the next transfer here too. But we'll see. The city itself is very green now that it's spring, and it's actually quite pretty. It's a smaller city, maybe about the size of Blackfoot or somewhere around that. I like it a lot here.

We got to talk for a little while the first night that we were here and get to know each other better. Elder Ralphs seems like a pretty nice guy, and I think that we'll get along really well. We also talked a lot about this area too. We really feel like this area and the branch has been prepared for a lot of missionary work to happen, and also that the Lord has prepared us both to come here to accomplish it. While we were talking, we felt the Spirit prompting us and promising us that if we worked hard and did everything that we could, the Lord would work through us miracles in this area and things that we did not know were even possible. The Lord definitely has a lot in store for this area here, and we're going to do everything we can to work hard and be the servants and tools that the Lord needs us to be right now.

I hope things are going well for everyone back at home now as the school year wraps up. Enjoy the summer! I'll talk to you later.

Love, Elder Trevor Casper

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