Wednesday, June 1, 2011

05.28.2011 Getting Used to Allegan

Hey Everyone,

I'm sorry, but this week is going to be another short email I think. This week was another interesting one, and while it's been a long and somewhat difficult week, I've learned a lot and I think it's helped me quite a bit.

The weather here in Allegan has been pretty crazy this week. Luckily is hasn't been too hot, but we've also got quite a bit of rain. It's not much fun being out in the rain as a missionary, but the worst of the rain hit Wednesday morning. It was raining as hard as I've ever seen it in my life, but we were in a district meeting all morning and then driving home after that, so we missed the worst of it. But this week has been partly cloudy and cool for the most part, which is great for missionary work and I'm just fine with it.

We're still trying to get things going in this area, and we've knocked on hundreds of doors so far looking for people that the Lord has prepared to recieve his full gospel. We've found a few who are interested, and we know that we're going to find more and that some pretty amazing things are going to start happening in this area. Elder Ralphs and I had a good talk yesterday, and we talked about some things that we could both do better. I really can see how the Lord is blessing us and helping us in His work. It's not easy work at all, but I've grown a lot even in this short time, and I've learned a lot. I still have a lot to work on, but the Lord is teaching me and preparing me, and giving me experiences for my good and to help me be a better missionary. I've seen many answers to prayers, and I know that he is mindful of me and my companion.

We're actually both giving talks this Sunday, and we're supposed to take up the entire time between the two of us. The branch apparently likes to make new missionaries speak in Sacrament meeting, haha. Luckily, the topic that we're speaking on is the Book of Mormon, and that's something that we already talk about a lot as missionaries. It'll be cool to get to talk about it in Sacrament meeting too, and tell people about my experiences with it. It really is an amazing in invaluable blessing to have the Book of Mormon.

I hope everyone has a great week and finds something to smile about :) . 

Elder Trevor Casper 

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