Sunday, June 19, 2011

06.19.2011 "Fishing in Allegan!"

Hello Everyone!

I'm sorry, but I'm out of time again to email this week, so this email might be even shorter! This last week has been great, and there has been so much going on. I have had many spiritual experiences, and my companion and I are very different people than we were a week ago. The Lord truly is guiding his work, and he is preparing and blessing His servants for the work they have ahead of them. By the way, transfer calls were again this week. They are a week early this time because the new mission president is coming in soon, and President Jones didn't want to make the new president have to deal with that right when he came in. So this transfer was 5 weeks, and the next one is 7 weeks. It turns out that I'm actually staying this time too! Both Elder Ralphs and I are staying, and we're pretty excited about that. The Lord has a lot of work here for us to do, and this next transfer is going to be amazing. The experiences that we've had this last transfer and especially this last week have really prepared us for the work that will come forth over the next 7 weeks. It is truly a great blessing to serve the Lord. I have never felt closer to Him in my entire life.

One last thing before I go. We're actually going fishing again today! I bought a license yesterday, and I plan to use it as much as I can before it expires. So we'll be fishing for a while today, and I hope we catch some fish to eat! I'll have to tell everyone how it goes. Have a great week and a great summer everyone. I love you, and pray for you.

Elder Trevor Casper

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